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So you’ve decided to remodel your basement. Now the decision has been made, you’re likely wondering which areas of the basement should be invested in so as to avoid any future issues, vs where you can save some dollars.  Having worked in basement remodels for over 13 years, we know what’s most important and what tends to be overlooked. Here are our top tips for where to splurge and where to save in a basement remodel.

Where to Splurge…

Ceiling Insulation

One of the most important basement investments is ceiling insulation. Regardless of what you plan to use your basement for, upstairs footsteps on hardwood floors can be a disruptive interruption to a workday, movie night, or midday nap! If you can, we recommend investing in fiberglass batts in the ceiling. If you’re a little strapped for cash, you can save a little in this splurge by only applying it to certain areas. 


In a basement remodel, lighting should be top of the list. Your need for lighting (and which type) will depend on the design of the space, any specific features you have installed, and the number of windows you have. Installing the wrong lighting can make the space feel small and gloomy, which will affect both how much you enjoy using the space and how future homebuyers will respond to it.  The right lighting, however, can enhance the design, make the space appear larger, and also highlight your design features. Good lighting is installed to pair with the functions of the space and is key in how successful the space actually works for you and your family. This makes it well worth the investment to get it right. 

Where to Save…

Keep The Space Open

It’s common to want to create separate rooms in your basement, particularly to install a guest bedroom. However, if you don’t need to, this is one area where you could save yourself a lot of money on materials such as drywall and doors. There are many added benefits to keeping the space open. It will appear to be larger and will be used more consistently, instead of just being saved for when you have guests, and it also allows for more flexibility as your needs change. 

Skip the Bar

Having a bar in your basement has become a luxury item that we’re often asked about by clients. They are a great investment if you host regularly or have the additional cash to spend, but this is top of our list in the event you’re looking for a place to save. A fully functioning bar can be expensive, especially if you include countertops and a sink. Instead, we recommend considering simple cabinetry and a fridge so that you can still entertain without needing a fully stocked bar.  Thinking about remodeling your basement and are curious as to how far your budget can extend? Take a look at our process or reach out to our team to get started.

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