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Planning for a kitchen remodel can be so much fun. Paint colors, cabinet material, flooring, fixtures, appliances… There are so many ways to make the space your own. However, some of the real tricks of the trade come in when you consider adding custom design elements and features. From custom storage to dedicated spaces for your beverages, there are so many ways to make your kitchen feel like home for you. Here are a few you might not have considered.

Touchless Appliances 

Appliances have taken up residence in the digital age, with the release of brand new touchless versions that can be controlled by voice or your smartphone. This means you could turn on your faucet without the concern of transmitting bacteria. You can even get a faucet that’s voice-controlled to change temperature. But it’s not just faucets. On the market are touchless dishwashers, ovens, and lights that don’t require you to use your hands to open or start them.

A Space for Your Smart Devices

With so many of us now using smart devices to find recipes or play music when we cook, having a designated area to both store and charge them is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen. Using long cords to charge our devices can be a safety hazard, so it’s important to prioritize functionality with this one. You’ll need to be somewhere away from any water hazards, but close enough to your countertops so that it’s easy to access, and you’ll also want to have a stand to prop your device on so you can easily read the content.

Walk-In Pantry

If you find yourself with some extra space in the kitchen, as well as a growing number of small appliances and food items, adding a custom walk-in pantry might be your answer. According to Realtor.com, butler’s pantries were originally designed to count and polish posh silver and china but they have evolved!

On a practical level, adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen gives you a separate place to store food items and appliances that you do not use every day, which keeps your main kitchen space free from clutter and unnecessary large appliances. But a walk-in pantry can also be a fun and modern addition to your kitchen and can even include design elements like antique glass or a custom door to elevate the space.

Custom Storage

No matter what you want to store, or how you want to store it, there is nothing more luxurious for those of us who love spending time cooking in the kitchen than having all of your kitchen appliances, utensils, and spices neatly organized and easy to access. As a rule of thumb when deciding on cabinets, cupboards, and drawers, we encourage you to think about all of the things that you need to store, then you can focus on storage solutions that work for you. What it comes down to are practicality and design.

The options are endless, but one of our personal practical favorites is a drawer specifically made to store your tupperware with boxes on the bottom and lids on the side to avoid any clutter. There are also hidden pantries, pull-out under your stove drawers for your cooking utensils, and a dedicated, but hidden, garbage and recycling receptacle. There are even cabinets without handles or fittings that glide out with a simple soft nudge. 

On a design level, you could install glass in your cabinet doors, include antique pulls, install open storage, or use reclaimed materials for your kitchen. Whatever you choose, don’t underestimate the impact that a high-performing kitchen can have on your quality of life. The right storage solutions will help elevate the aesthetic, ease, and convenience of your space.

Coffee Bar

If there’s one thing that takes up space on your kitchen counter, it’s your coffee machine. Creating a space designed to hold your warm beverage equipment won’t just save you space in the kitchen, it will also help to create a more fun space for you to take part in a daily ritual. Design is all about intention, and it should help steer you towards a fun and practical way of using your space. 

No matter what your needs are in the kitchen, adding custom features is sure to help create a space that’s truly yours. Our advice? Sit down and take the time to think about what you really want from your new kitchen. Consider what you use the most and if you have any pet peeves. Once you have those in mind, reach out for a free consultation here and we will walk you through the process of bringing it to life.