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Touchless Faucets are in high demand recently and it isn’t tough to see why! In the COVID-19 world, we are all paying much closer attention to just how many surfaces we touch and we care more than ever about keeping our hands clean.

A regular faucet is a high touch surface, even in your own home. Everyone turns on the faucet with dirty hands and then, even after washing thoroughly with soap and water, they must touch the handle again to turn the faucet back off. Thus, this is an easy place to inadvertently expose yourself and your loved ones to harmful viruses and bacteria. A touchless faucet is the ideal solution for eliminating this high touch surface!

What is a touchless faucet?
A touchless faucet is a faucet that is equipped with a motion sensor. The motion sensor activates the flow of water in response to the presence of your hands. It then automatically stops the flow of water, shutting the valve after a fixed period of time or when it no longer senses any movement. In a similar vein to the motion activated faucets, there are also touchless faucets that can be controlled with an app or even activated with vocal cues.

A touchless faucet can make washing your hands easier than ever! Learn more and experience the convenience of a touchless faucet in your home by contacting the experts at Kegonsa today!